Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just A Bit of Rubbish

Well guys, I am sure I don't need to say this to those of you who already know me from YouTube and Techmedia Fusion, but I love to talk and I can only exercise that in the form of writing on the old World Wide Web.

With Techmedia Fusion, I take it quite seriously, in fact maybe a bit too serious, and so there have been loads of times when researching a subject that I have come across something that I would really love to write about. However to do that on Techmedia Fusion, would be unfair to all of the guys that read my posts over there, they come to the site for Technology and so who am I to mix things up. So that is why I have come up with Fused News.

With Fused News I will have the opportunity to write any old crap I want and get some tasty old debates going hopefully from time to time. Obviously I love for you guys to join me here at Fused News, but only you can make that decision.

As with Techmedia Fusion, this site is really your site, without you guys there would be absolutely no point at all, so if you have any thoughts or opinions on the site I would love to here from you. If there is a particular subject you would like to talk about or like me to write about then just drop me a line and I will always aim to please.

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