Thursday 13 February 2014

Get Your Content Noticed

Getting Your Content Noticed

So you have written the most amazing article, checked the spelling and grammar, SEO'ed the life out of it to the best of your ability and now it's time to publish your masterpiece. That's the easy part over, the hard part now begins. There is no point in you writing hundreds of articles, designing the best looking blog and getting an SEO professional to tweak your site, if nobody is going to read your content. This is my guide to getting your content noticed.

Get Your Content Noticed

We always talk about SEO and SMM as two of the most fundamental methods when ensuring your blog and it's content is ranked, however, with Google squeezing the life out of SEO techniques, it is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Obviously with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you tweak the mechanics of the site, were as, SMM (Social Media Marketing) is advertising your blog and content using your social media sites. Of course this can have it's disadvantages in the beginning stages of your blog.

Not Just Social Media Sites.

When you publish an article and then start sending links out via your social media, this is only going to bring in traffic, providing you have a lot of subscribers. If you only have a hand full of subscribers or followers, than that is the only traffic you are going to attract to your blog. Every time you publish, you are going to be reaching the same people all the time, which is fine, but you also want to attract new readers as often as possible.

There is a way to increase both subscribers and followers to your social networking sites and thus bring in new readers to your blog, it's almost a case of the chicken and egg, which should come first.

Retweet With Twitter

When you are planning your blogging schedule for each week, you need to make sure, that for at the very least an hour every day, you plan in time to write comments and visit other sites in your genre. It is vital that you interact with the entire community, a community which is never going to visit your blog if they don't know you're there.  However, there are rules to this style of self promotion that you must follow in order for it to work.

Rules To Community Building.

First of all be patient, like anything in life, when you are the new boy or girl on the block, it can take a bit of time to be accepted, so be patient.

Try to build up a rapport with the blog or channel owner, again this is something that will take time.

When you leave comments on another persons blog or YouTube Channel, ensure the comments are genuine. Don't just leave generic comments, actually respond to the topic and have something interesting to write. The more interesting and beneficial your comment is to the topic, the more likely you are to be accepted and also have others visit your blog.

Commenting On Blogs

Never ever leave your URL in the comments section, I know this sounds silly because you want people to visit your blog, but when you leave a comment, your profile for that particular platform will have all the relevant information within it. For example, to leave a comment on a YouTube video, you have to have a Google+ account, when you leave a response, your name will appear at the side or above what you have written and so if others want to know more about you, they will click on your profile link. If it is relevant to the topic, you can name your blog, but don't over do it, don't name your blog on every response, this is classed as spam.

Never ever use profanities and always be polite, it is so easy and cowardly to be rude from behind a computer keyboard, from the safety of your own home. Treat people and the community how you want them to treat you and more over, how you would talk to them if you were face to face with them. If you do leave profanities or are rude to other members of the community, you will be blocked and lose potential friends and traffic to your blog.


If you follow this simple guideline, every time you leave a genuinely interesting comment on a blog or video, other members of the community will want to now who you are and if you have your own blog. This is how you gain extra subscribers, readers and above all, friends. However, you must be consistent, there is no point doing this for a week and then not bothering to returning, if you do this, then people will forget about you very quickly and all the work you have done will be for nothing.

Net Etiquette

Don't forget, manners cost nothing, as my old Dad used to tell me, "If you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut." a slightly more to the point version of "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." My Dad never really beat about the bush when driving home a point. Above all, as corny as it may sound, treat people how you expect them to treat you. Without people, your blog and content is all for nothing and you might as well stop.

Sunday 2 February 2014

The Real Zombie Virus

Real Zombie Virus

I've conducted a lot of research into this article and I want to first of all assure you that everything in this article is absolutely real and 100% verifiable, also, some of the images and video clips are of an incredibly disturbing nature, please keep this in mind before playing a video clip or viewing images. We have been bombarded with Zombie movies and TV shows for decades, but even more so in the past five years, but what is the possibility of a real Zombie virus either being unleashed upon us or developing within us?

WARNING! Upsetting and Disturbing Images & Video Clips!

The Real Zombie Virus

I've been a long time fan and subscriber to Alex Jones, InfoWars and PrisonPlanet TV  and on almost 99.9% of what he talks about is real or about to become reality. I say this because everything I listen to I research for myself and discover the true facts, which always coincides with Alex Jones, love the man or hate him, but he is always right. One of the things Alex has spoken about over the years is the behind the scenes agenda of Hollywood, the CIA connections and the hidden messages that they try to manipulate us all with. I personally think this is one of the reason we have so many A List actors and big Box Office hits in the Zombie genre; are they trying to prepare us for something that they know about and we don't?

My article is about the real Zombie virus and I am going to show you how and why this whole fictional horror story could so easily become a reality.

Cannibal Traits Of Bath Salts

First of all let me tell you about some of the most horrific drugs circulating the population at the moment, all of which have been attributed to Zombie like characteristics. The first is known as "Bath Salts" which I am sure most of you have already heard about. Perhaps the most widespread article attached to "Bath Salts" is the so called Miami Cannibal, were Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man, eating flesh from his face.  When Miami PD arrived on the sense and tried to remove Rudy Eugene from the homeless man, he growled at the officers like an animal and attempted to bite them, the officers had no choice but to shot Rudy, to stop the assault.

Cannibalistic Bath Salts Induced Attack On Homeless Man

Aside from this cannibalistic nature attributed to the drug, super human strength, lack of fear, allowing the drug taker to feel invincible and not fear anything, including police officers with guns pointed at them. The superhuman strength that they feel is more lack of fear than anything else, but frightening and worrying none the less.

Mind Altering Drug Scopolamine

The next drug is from Columbia, the heart of drugs world and is called Scopolamine. Of all the drugs on this list, I think this one really frightens me the most. The drug originates from a plant and to make matters worse, the flower on the plant is beautiful to look at. However, not only is this drug dangerous when taken in its drug taking form, but even if you so much as fall a sleep under the plant, you will suffer the same effects.


The Actual Plant The Drug Originates From

So what are the effects? The nickname for the drug should really give you a clue of it's dangerous nature, and that is "The Devils Breath". Simply when the drug has been taken, it opens your mind to anything you are told to do, almost like a truth serum, only much stronger. the drug is more used by criminal gangs as opposed to recreational. Gangs would blow the powder into someones face or in a drink and wait until they have ingested the spores from the plant. Once this happens the gang can get the victim to do anything at all, it has been used as a date rape drug, people have woken up in baths with organs or limbs missing, with a sign written and left telling them, they have 5 hours to get to hospital otherwise they'll die.

Horrific stories such as this one and many other similar stories, are exactly the reason why local people do not take the drug recreationally.

From Russia With Love : Flesh Eating Drug Krokodil

The next drug has made a massive impact in Russia and is now entering other parts of Europe and America. This is the next part of the puzzle in creating a Zombie virus. The drug is called Krokodil, which is Russian for Crocodile. The drug gets its name on account of the flesh eating activity from the inside out, that takes place all over the human body. The drug will start to peel of skin making bone and muscle visible, after a while the remains start to look like reptilian scale, but it doesn't stop there the stench from the rotting flesh is also similar to the smell of a crocodile. As I have mentioned above, please view the video clips with extreme caution and make sure tiny eyes are not about as the images will scare little tiny innocent minds.

Krokodil Drug From Russia

The Beginning Effects Of Krokodil

Natural Born Killer Of The Fungus Form

So that is the drug side of things out of the way, here comes the science and the nature side. In the jungle floors of Thailand, a fungus thrives, releasing spores onto the jungle floor and into the air, the spores however also land on ants that are indigenous to the area. After a short period of time the spores embed into the ants blood system and begin eating the ant from the inside out, and making the ant become deformed, disorientated and walking in circles.

Ant Suffering From Fungus Spores

Infected Thailand Zombie Ant

Because of this zombie like behaviour, the other ants in the group can sense the danger within the infected ant and thus take it away from the rest of the colony so as not to infect any more ants. By this stage in the process the infected ant also looks completely different over the other ants, as it changes colour and is body becomes distorted. Then, when the sun is highest in the sky, any infected ant, crawls to the highest leaf on the tallest tree and basking in the sun the ants front pincers clamp shut like lock jaw, causing the ant to eventually die. As the ants body begins to decompose, from inside the head of the ant, a growth appears, breaking through the head and growing like a plant, as it reaches full growth a flower opens at the top, dropping more spore and repeating the entire process for the next unsuspecting ant to become infected.

Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil

Finally we have Transhumanism and in particular, perhaps the most dangerous Scientist in the world today, Raymond Kurzweil. We don't know exactly how much is real and in use at the minute, but we do know the vision Transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil hold. One such vision, and again allegedly all in the name of medical research, is microscopic nanotechnology that will be inserted into the human body or brain. This technology will flow through the blood and latch onto to nerves, blood cells and other vital areas of the body. From there, Doctors will be able to reprogram and attack whatever major disease is attacking the brain, or heart or lungs; whatever it may be.

Transhumanists Plan To Computerise Our DNA Internally

Ray Kurzweil

Testing Taking Place For Human Future

Of course we know that in this day in age, technology this advanced never escapes the military and the government. If we take into consideration the vision Obama, Cameron and their masters have with regard to a One World Order, such technology could definitely be used against the human population.

The Real Zombie Virus In Process

So heres my theory regarding a real Zombie Virus. If we take all of the examples I have provided above, give them to some deranged Chemist or Scientist with the same vision as Kurzweil, they could very easily create and mutate these drugs to help meet their demands. Then with a delivery system such as the Microscopic Nanotechnology described, the government could release millions of airborne units breathed in by us and then the drugs released, causing a very painful drawn out death, possibly killing millions of others along the way. This would be the Zombie Virus of the future, perhaps not the same as that seen in Hollywood movies, but possible non the less.

I am sure some of you will think what I have written is too far fetched, but living in a world where Anthrax, Sars Virus and other deadly viruses have become weaponised, is it really such a stretch to think that a team of Chemists could develop the most deadly of viruses, a Zombie Virus and infect millions around the world in order to uphold the Globalist sick agenda, whilst maintain a manageable population count?

Thursday 30 January 2014

App Developers Warned

App Developers Warned

App developers warned, that is the message from the Office of fair trading and in particular Gaming App Developers. The Office of fair trading have issued a shake up in policy for app developers and have given a two week period for the change to occur. The reason for this shake up in the app developer world is in app purchases and the hidden costs they have been racking up for parents.

Game Developers Game Developers

Hundreds of parents across the world have been, much to their astonishment, hit with iTunes fees falling into the hundreds of pounds, only to discover that the fee was racked up by their unsuspecting child playing a free game they downloaded form the App Store, be it iTunes, Google Play Store or any other.

In App Purchasing

children and parents have been downloading games from the App store, which are advertised as free, however, with a lot of the games, you can buy add ons, which take real money from your actual bank account or credit card. For example, I play a game called Tapped Out, it is a Simpsons game were you build Springfield and the characters from the hit TV series. Throughout the game you set your charters to work and they will earn money for you, whereby you can buy additional buildings. However, some of the characters and buildings can only be purchased by Doughnuts, but in order to get Doughnuts, you need to spend real money for them. You can earn Doughnuts, but approximately one every blue moon and on average buildings can cost 200 Doughnuts, so impatient idiots such as myself pay for more.

In App Purchases In App Purchases

Because this aspect of the game is not made very clear when purchasing, children are clicking the buy option, not understanding that when they do this, real money is being taken from their parents accounts. Of course the parents have to take some responsibility on this matter and I know what I am talking about, as this very matter happened to me.

My Farmville Nightmare

A few years ago, a game called Farmville, which used to be a Facebook game, was eventually launched on the App store. Again this was a game were you played the part of a farmer and had to build up your farm by purchasing animals. This was a perfect game for kids and I allowed my then 7 year old son to play the game. A week later I noticed that my son had this amazing farm on the iPad and when I checked my iTunes Account, I soon discovered that my account had been charged over £330.

Farmville Nightmare Farmville Nightmare

Obviously I was in shock and didn’t know what to do, however, the only one at fault was me, it was my fault entirely, not my sons nor the game developers. I should have password protected my iTunes account and been watching my son much closer. I did get the money back after I explained to them what had happened and I also admitted that this was my fault. I personally think the admission of guilt helped in getting my money back, however, in my eyes then and now, they did not have to pay me the money back.


Needless to say this has been a widespread problem to which the Office of Fair trading are cracking down and given game developers two weeks to make the matter much more clear on the initial purchase. Once again parents escape responsibility and society is blamed for the mistakes of their children. They are our children and we must as decent parents be accountable for their actions, certainly at least until they are 16, from then on, it is not practical to know their every move. Any way I am not offering parental advice, goodness knows I have made hundreds of mistakes and am in no position what so ever to offer advice.

What do you think, should Game Developers be held responsible, or should it be the parents, really what more can the developers do? I’d love to get your thoughts on the matter.

App Developers Warned

North South Divide

The North South Divide

I am originally from Belfast, N Ireland, and as I am sure most of you know, there has been a massive North South divide between Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland, however, this divide has been religious based, exposing Protestant and Catholic differences. The North South Divide I want to talk about in this article, is that found here in England and the cultural class difference that has either evolved or been manufactured.

As I have mentioned, I am from N Ireland, however I joined the British Army aged 16 and have lived in England, with the exception of time away with the Army, all my adult life. I am now 40 and have experienced living in some of the most affluent areas in the South of England and some of the more impoverished areas in the North of England.

But of course, this North South divide in England has been fomenting for years, way before I ever landed on England's shores, more importantly, for the people living in England, this divide is clear, not just from a poverty to riches perspective, but also business, academic and criminal perspective.

Conservative and Labour Party

Conservative And Labour Parties

For a long time, there were two government bodies, setup to represent both divides. The Conservative Party always supported the upper middle class to upper class and the Old Labour Party was originally founded to give the working class a voice. Unfortunately, that ended with Tony Blairs New Labour, with people in the North of England, slowly realising that they no longer had a voice in Parliament.

Some people would say that the divide is much less prominate today that it was fifty years ago, others not so much. However, whatever the case, I am not sure too many people would argue that entering into the beginning of 2014, that clear divide is becoming more and more prominate as it was fifty years ago.

Most of this is down to the Harrow / Eton type politicians that have taken over government. I have always wondered why we as people, think that just because a politician has been educated at Eton or Harrow or schools of this status, wears a pinstripe suit from Savile Row and when asked a simple yes or no question, bumbles about like an extra in a Hugh Grant movie, any more capable of running a country that an equally intelligent working class man or women. Whitehall and Parliament is really an extension of the old boys, public school network and by virtue will never understand the struggles of a poverty stricken family with no chance of change. As a result of never having experienced such hardship, it is not going to be at the forefront of their mind when deciding economic cuts and business partnerships with foreign companies.

Harrow School

As an ex British Army soldier and belonging to a regiment steeped in class structure, The Brigade of Guards, I would much rather follow a Platoon Sgt of 12 years experience into battle, than an Officer of equal service length but most of which served from the comfort of his office. I view Government in a similar fashion when talking about this subject of class.

From Chelsea to Durham

I personally lived in very wealthy Chelsea in London, just off Sloane Square and then to Durham in the North East of England. The contrasts in most instances are overwhelming, and I must confess that of all the areas in the North East of England, Durham City is probably the more affluent, which is purely on the basis of it being a University City.

Because I have lived in both areas, I can only talk about my own personal experiences and deduce my own opinions and views. I am quite sure that people will disagree strongly with me and equally, I'm sure people will be able to relate to my opinions and views.

Bright Lights Of London

One of the largest differences that I see keeping the North South divide alive and well, is the lack of business's willing to invest in the North of England as opposed to the influx of business opportunities in the South Of England. Given the age we currently live in, where so much business and commerce is conducted and dictated by our use of the internet, one would assume this to not be the case, but currently in the North East, most of the industry, i.e the Steal, Mining and Shipping industries have long gone, none of which where replaced by other business looking to invest and take advantage of the incredibly high working ethics that used to keep the North Of England alive.

Sunderland Car Plant : Nissan

For example, currently in the North East, the largest company employing people is probably Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturing plant. Should this plant close down, and it has almost come to it a few times in the last ten years, the Sunderland and further regions would suffer gravely. Another example of this is from an academic stand point. A friend of ours, who moved to Durham from the south, worked in a publishing house, editing and proofreading novels. When she moved here, this highly qualified person with years of experience, could only get a job proofreading text books for the University. The reason for this was simply due to the fact publishing house are like gold dust in the North East. Most of the big houses are in London radiating out to the M25 ring.

Children in Newcastle Playing On Burnt Out Car

As a result, the lack of resources and business's investing in a region over such prolonged periods of time, has built up resentment in people, which over time filters through to the younger generation who feel they have been neglected and have lost the desire to work as there is no work to find. A small majority, decide that in order to get any work at all, they are going to have to move away from the North to the South, but why should this be the case.


In terms of the actual people, I found that living in the South, albeit London, people appeared very isolated, apprehensive, always in a rush and very guarded, not giving much time to socialise unless with their own very close circles. In the North I found that people where much more inclined to stop in the street and chat, help one an other and yes, unemployment is much higher in the North, but from my experience, this is most certainly not what the people of the North want.

There is no doubt about it, because of circumstance and the time period that has lapsed, people living in the South are much more ambitious than their counterparts in the North, however, as I have previously mentioned, due to the UK governments failing to protect the once thriving industries in the North, people have become disenchanted and cynical about the future changing for them. Living in an environment, regardless of geographical locality, were time after time, the people have been metaphorically kicked in the teeth, it should only be expected to find a high rate of unemployment and lack of inspiration for younger generations.

Average Household Income Per Area

change must come to the North and not by taking from the South, but by simply helping push foreign businesses further North, once people are handed that life line, will grab it with both hands and gradually over time will change the cancerous mind set that has evolved and taken hold thus far.

Your Voice Counts

So what have your experiences been in this subject arena, have you or your family suffered or flourished as a result of where they have lived? Is academic achievement much more valued in the South over the North? Do you feel that the Government, regardless of the political party, could do more to entice or spread the business wealth throughout the country? I would really love to get your thoughts and experiences on this matter and hopefully build up a better understanding of this topic, also depending on response I will follow this article up with a short survey, hoping to help pin down the views of the people that matter, YOU.

Madeleine McCann

Little Madeleine McCann

I am absolutely sure that all of you know about the Madeleine McCann story, a story that touched everyones hearts and in particular the hearts of parents. The thought of having a child taken from you, is what nightmares are made from, however, in the case of little Madeleine McCann, for her parents, Kate and Gerry, the not knowing has got to be the worst. So I think what I am about to write is going to be incredibly controversial and not attract a lot of support, but I also think, secretly some people will agree with my train of thought.

Madeleine McCann

However, before I start my article in full, I just want to make one thing very clear. I think what happened to Kate and Gerry McCann was the most despicable thing that could happen to a parent, nor do I think they deserved for it to happen, contrary to a lot of opinions regarding the fact Madeleine was left alone, Kate and Gerry McCann don't need any of us to remind them of this. I would also say that as a parent myself, if the same happened to my wife and I, I would never ever stop looking for my child, just as Kate and Gerry McCann have not stopped.

Having said all that, here is my dilemma. When Madeleine went missing and all the speculation that the parents where responsible for the abduction died down, money started to plough into a fund, set up to employ the best detectives the family could find, which included ex Special Forces personnel, ex Scotland Yard Detectives etc. But that was not an endless supply of money and it is important to note that the fund is not registered as a charity as they are only looking for Madeleine and not other children. This also means that when money is donated, the fund have to pay tax on the money.

This week, detectives from Scotland Yard went back over to Portugal in an attempt to interview three men, who where in the area Madeleine McCann was abducted from on the very same night, phone records showed that all three men were in contact with one another and they had been picked up on burglary charges. The Scotland Yard detectives hopped to make an arrest and gain information about the night little Madeleine McCann went missing, but to no avail.

250,000 People Reported Missing Every Year In The UK

Over 250,000 people are reported missing in the UK every year, a large percentage of which are children. A very similar case to Madeleine McCann was that of little Ben Needham, who aged 21 months, was on holiday with his family in Greece, he too was abducted and this was in 1991. But there are many more cases of this nature, however we are not aware of a fraction of them, so why is little Madeleine McCann's case more important than any of the thousands of other children abducted.

Ben Needham

Of course to Kate and Gerry, Madeleine is number one priority and I wouldn't expect it to be any other way, but why after almost 7 years are the press and police still dedicating so much air time and resources to the case. We don't see or read about police from Scotland Yard investigating Ben Needham's case and it is not because his mother can't be bothered looking for him or has given up looking for him, because I am sure that is not the case. And why was so much money donated to Kate and Gerry McCann over the years and not the other parents of abducted children.

Again, regards to funding, lots of children that have been abducted have websites or Social Networking sites setup in their name, hopeful of resolution, but none have attracted the financial backing or publicity of Little Madeleine McCann.

The Controversial Part

So here is the controversial part of the article. The questions I have highlighted in this article, are questions that I have asked friends and family when we have been sat taking and none of them have the answers. I am sure as you read this article you will come to your own conclusions as to why Madeleine McCann's case has been granted so much support from the press and police, but here is mine.

Child Abduction

I believe, that Kate and Gerry McCann have received so much help from people and bodies in very high places due to their social standing. Gerry McCann was a Brain Surgeon of incredibly high standing and in very high regard within the profession, equally, Kate was a GP. Certainly in the UK this makes them part of the upper class in society. Ben Needham on the other hand, his family had no such standing.


Of course money talks, but I am not suggesting that in this scenario, I think it has more to do with social status than money. Don't get me wrong, if this was my child, I would use anything at all I had that would help me find them and I am not saying for a single second that I think Kate or Gerry McCann are in the wrong here. My concern is more aimed at the media and police, neither bodies normally spend more than a month on a case or story after is has run it's course. After public interest dies, so to does the story or police presence.

For the parents and families of all the other children that have been abducted or gone missing not deserve exactly the same media coverage that the McCann's have experienced. After all, the longer the case is plastered all over the press and media, the higher the chance of a child being found, the more awareness there is for every case the better. I guess all I am trying to say is that I absolutely agree with all the media exposure the McCann's have received thus far, but so should all the other parents receive the same, no one child is more important than the next in these circumstance, at least not from a media perspective.

Other Missing Children

I wish with all my heart that I had the expertise to find Madeleine McCann and bring her back home, as I wish I could do for every family suffering from the same devastating loss. I look at Kate and Gerry McCann, and they look empty, I think it is only for their other children and the hope of finding Madeleine, that they can carry on. My own 9 year old daughter prays for Madeleine every single night without fail, every time she sees her picture in the press she gets excited thinking that she has been found and is back home with her Mummy and Daddy. I also have a son aged 11, the same age Madeleine will be this year, I say will because I too pray that she is alive and well and will one day be reunited with her parents. I just wish it was a slightly more level playing field.