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The Real Zombie Virus

Real Zombie Virus

I've conducted a lot of research into this article and I want to first of all assure you that everything in this article is absolutely real and 100% verifiable, also, some of the images and video clips are of an incredibly disturbing nature, please keep this in mind before playing a video clip or viewing images. We have been bombarded with Zombie movies and TV shows for decades, but even more so in the past five years, but what is the possibility of a real Zombie virus either being unleashed upon us or developing within us?

WARNING! Upsetting and Disturbing Images & Video Clips!

The Real Zombie Virus

I've been a long time fan and subscriber to Alex Jones, InfoWars and PrisonPlanet TV  and on almost 99.9% of what he talks about is real or about to become reality. I say this because everything I listen to I research for myself and discover the true facts, which always coincides with Alex Jones, love the man or hate him, but he is always right. One of the things Alex has spoken about over the years is the behind the scenes agenda of Hollywood, the CIA connections and the hidden messages that they try to manipulate us all with. I personally think this is one of the reason we have so many A List actors and big Box Office hits in the Zombie genre; are they trying to prepare us for something that they know about and we don't?

My article is about the real Zombie virus and I am going to show you how and why this whole fictional horror story could so easily become a reality.

Cannibal Traits Of Bath Salts

First of all let me tell you about some of the most horrific drugs circulating the population at the moment, all of which have been attributed to Zombie like characteristics. The first is known as "Bath Salts" which I am sure most of you have already heard about. Perhaps the most widespread article attached to "Bath Salts" is the so called Miami Cannibal, were Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man, eating flesh from his face.  When Miami PD arrived on the sense and tried to remove Rudy Eugene from the homeless man, he growled at the officers like an animal and attempted to bite them, the officers had no choice but to shot Rudy, to stop the assault.

Cannibalistic Bath Salts Induced Attack On Homeless Man

Aside from this cannibalistic nature attributed to the drug, super human strength, lack of fear, allowing the drug taker to feel invincible and not fear anything, including police officers with guns pointed at them. The superhuman strength that they feel is more lack of fear than anything else, but frightening and worrying none the less.

Mind Altering Drug Scopolamine

The next drug is from Columbia, the heart of drugs world and is called Scopolamine. Of all the drugs on this list, I think this one really frightens me the most. The drug originates from a plant and to make matters worse, the flower on the plant is beautiful to look at. However, not only is this drug dangerous when taken in its drug taking form, but even if you so much as fall a sleep under the plant, you will suffer the same effects.


The Actual Plant The Drug Originates From

So what are the effects? The nickname for the drug should really give you a clue of it's dangerous nature, and that is "The Devils Breath". Simply when the drug has been taken, it opens your mind to anything you are told to do, almost like a truth serum, only much stronger. the drug is more used by criminal gangs as opposed to recreational. Gangs would blow the powder into someones face or in a drink and wait until they have ingested the spores from the plant. Once this happens the gang can get the victim to do anything at all, it has been used as a date rape drug, people have woken up in baths with organs or limbs missing, with a sign written and left telling them, they have 5 hours to get to hospital otherwise they'll die.

Horrific stories such as this one and many other similar stories, are exactly the reason why local people do not take the drug recreationally.

From Russia With Love : Flesh Eating Drug Krokodil

The next drug has made a massive impact in Russia and is now entering other parts of Europe and America. This is the next part of the puzzle in creating a Zombie virus. The drug is called Krokodil, which is Russian for Crocodile. The drug gets its name on account of the flesh eating activity from the inside out, that takes place all over the human body. The drug will start to peel of skin making bone and muscle visible, after a while the remains start to look like reptilian scale, but it doesn't stop there the stench from the rotting flesh is also similar to the smell of a crocodile. As I have mentioned above, please view the video clips with extreme caution and make sure tiny eyes are not about as the images will scare little tiny innocent minds.

Krokodil Drug From Russia

The Beginning Effects Of Krokodil

Natural Born Killer Of The Fungus Form

So that is the drug side of things out of the way, here comes the science and the nature side. In the jungle floors of Thailand, a fungus thrives, releasing spores onto the jungle floor and into the air, the spores however also land on ants that are indigenous to the area. After a short period of time the spores embed into the ants blood system and begin eating the ant from the inside out, and making the ant become deformed, disorientated and walking in circles.

Ant Suffering From Fungus Spores

Infected Thailand Zombie Ant

Because of this zombie like behaviour, the other ants in the group can sense the danger within the infected ant and thus take it away from the rest of the colony so as not to infect any more ants. By this stage in the process the infected ant also looks completely different over the other ants, as it changes colour and is body becomes distorted. Then, when the sun is highest in the sky, any infected ant, crawls to the highest leaf on the tallest tree and basking in the sun the ants front pincers clamp shut like lock jaw, causing the ant to eventually die. As the ants body begins to decompose, from inside the head of the ant, a growth appears, breaking through the head and growing like a plant, as it reaches full growth a flower opens at the top, dropping more spore and repeating the entire process for the next unsuspecting ant to become infected.

Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil

Finally we have Transhumanism and in particular, perhaps the most dangerous Scientist in the world today, Raymond Kurzweil. We don't know exactly how much is real and in use at the minute, but we do know the vision Transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil hold. One such vision, and again allegedly all in the name of medical research, is microscopic nanotechnology that will be inserted into the human body or brain. This technology will flow through the blood and latch onto to nerves, blood cells and other vital areas of the body. From there, Doctors will be able to reprogram and attack whatever major disease is attacking the brain, or heart or lungs; whatever it may be.

Transhumanists Plan To Computerise Our DNA Internally

Ray Kurzweil

Testing Taking Place For Human Future

Of course we know that in this day in age, technology this advanced never escapes the military and the government. If we take into consideration the vision Obama, Cameron and their masters have with regard to a One World Order, such technology could definitely be used against the human population.

The Real Zombie Virus In Process

So heres my theory regarding a real Zombie Virus. If we take all of the examples I have provided above, give them to some deranged Chemist or Scientist with the same vision as Kurzweil, they could very easily create and mutate these drugs to help meet their demands. Then with a delivery system such as the Microscopic Nanotechnology described, the government could release millions of airborne units breathed in by us and then the drugs released, causing a very painful drawn out death, possibly killing millions of others along the way. This would be the Zombie Virus of the future, perhaps not the same as that seen in Hollywood movies, but possible non the less.

I am sure some of you will think what I have written is too far fetched, but living in a world where Anthrax, Sars Virus and other deadly viruses have become weaponised, is it really such a stretch to think that a team of Chemists could develop the most deadly of viruses, a Zombie Virus and infect millions around the world in order to uphold the Globalist sick agenda, whilst maintain a manageable population count?

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