Thursday, 13 February 2014

Get Your Content Noticed

Getting Your Content Noticed

So you have written the most amazing article, checked the spelling and grammar, SEO'ed the life out of it to the best of your ability and now it's time to publish your masterpiece. That's the easy part over, the hard part now begins. There is no point in you writing hundreds of articles, designing the best looking blog and getting an SEO professional to tweak your site, if nobody is going to read your content. This is my guide to getting your content noticed.

Get Your Content Noticed

We always talk about SEO and SMM as two of the most fundamental methods when ensuring your blog and it's content is ranked, however, with Google squeezing the life out of SEO techniques, it is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Obviously with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you tweak the mechanics of the site, were as, SMM (Social Media Marketing) is advertising your blog and content using your social media sites. Of course this can have it's disadvantages in the beginning stages of your blog.

Not Just Social Media Sites.

When you publish an article and then start sending links out via your social media, this is only going to bring in traffic, providing you have a lot of subscribers. If you only have a hand full of subscribers or followers, than that is the only traffic you are going to attract to your blog. Every time you publish, you are going to be reaching the same people all the time, which is fine, but you also want to attract new readers as often as possible.

There is a way to increase both subscribers and followers to your social networking sites and thus bring in new readers to your blog, it's almost a case of the chicken and egg, which should come first.

Retweet With Twitter

When you are planning your blogging schedule for each week, you need to make sure, that for at the very least an hour every day, you plan in time to write comments and visit other sites in your genre. It is vital that you interact with the entire community, a community which is never going to visit your blog if they don't know you're there.  However, there are rules to this style of self promotion that you must follow in order for it to work.

Rules To Community Building.

First of all be patient, like anything in life, when you are the new boy or girl on the block, it can take a bit of time to be accepted, so be patient.

Try to build up a rapport with the blog or channel owner, again this is something that will take time.

When you leave comments on another persons blog or YouTube Channel, ensure the comments are genuine. Don't just leave generic comments, actually respond to the topic and have something interesting to write. The more interesting and beneficial your comment is to the topic, the more likely you are to be accepted and also have others visit your blog.

Commenting On Blogs

Never ever leave your URL in the comments section, I know this sounds silly because you want people to visit your blog, but when you leave a comment, your profile for that particular platform will have all the relevant information within it. For example, to leave a comment on a YouTube video, you have to have a Google+ account, when you leave a response, your name will appear at the side or above what you have written and so if others want to know more about you, they will click on your profile link. If it is relevant to the topic, you can name your blog, but don't over do it, don't name your blog on every response, this is classed as spam.

Never ever use profanities and always be polite, it is so easy and cowardly to be rude from behind a computer keyboard, from the safety of your own home. Treat people and the community how you want them to treat you and more over, how you would talk to them if you were face to face with them. If you do leave profanities or are rude to other members of the community, you will be blocked and lose potential friends and traffic to your blog.


If you follow this simple guideline, every time you leave a genuinely interesting comment on a blog or video, other members of the community will want to now who you are and if you have your own blog. This is how you gain extra subscribers, readers and above all, friends. However, you must be consistent, there is no point doing this for a week and then not bothering to returning, if you do this, then people will forget about you very quickly and all the work you have done will be for nothing.

Net Etiquette

Don't forget, manners cost nothing, as my old Dad used to tell me, "If you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut." a slightly more to the point version of "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." My Dad never really beat about the bush when driving home a point. Above all, as corny as it may sound, treat people how you expect them to treat you. Without people, your blog and content is all for nothing and you might as well stop.

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