Tuesday, 8 May 2012

94 Year Old Lady Attacked

On the 30th of April, between the hours of 21:00 and 09:00 the following morning, 94 year old Emma Winnall, was viciously attacked while she slept in her bed in her Birmingham home. At the hands of Mrs Winnall's attacker she suffered a broken arm, fractured skull, broken wrist and a partially severed finger.

Police have stated that there was no sign of a break in on the property and nothing was stolen from the property. It was Mrs Winnall's care worker who raised the alarm when she entered the property, expecting to begin a normal day of looking after Mrs Winnall.

Mrs Winnall's daughter, Mrs Joyce Belcoe and son Mr John Winnall have appealed for witnesses to come forward and help police with their investigations. Mrs. Emma Winnall, it is thought screamed for help but nobody heard her painful pleas for help.

the family have said "To see your mum viciously beaten and covered in blood is the most horrific nightmare." the main reason I set this particular blog up was so that I could speak my mind within reason.

I think the animal who committed this horrible, gutless crime should rot in a prison cell for the rest of their natural lives. However although the prison conditions should be clean that is where the humane aspect of things should stop. If this person who committed such a terrible crime can behave like an animal they they should be happy to live like one and society should also be quite happy. Before anyone defends this animal by declaring all sorts of Human rights Acts, ask yourself if this happened to your mother or grandmother, in a place where Mrs. Winnall should feel safest, would you be happy with them serving a prison term where they are educated to degree level, access to games consoles etc. All privileges that most law biding, hard working families cannot afford.

It seams that in the UK prison structure at least, when you commit a crime you are rewarded and I say this with total conviction. My father was a Prison Office for 39 years, in one of the worlds most notorious prisons, The Maze and so I know a little about the structure. Long term prisoners, who have most likely committed serious life taking crimes are educated to degree level and Masters, education most of us in civilian life cannot afford or if we can afford are burdened with heavy debt. Same goes for games consoles, three square meals a day, clean bedding, clean cloths etc. With the massive economic down turn families who have never committed a crime in their lives are losing homes, struggling to feed their children etc.

No wonder it is so expensive to retain a prisoner for any length of time, it cost so much because so many privileges are passed on to them while their victims are left with no support and picking up the pieces on their own. I'm not for the death penalty, mainly due to the fact mistakes have been made in the past and will continue to be made in the countries that carry the death penalty. However with the scientific technology at our disposal in terms of forensics, mistakes should be less and less as the technology develops.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to the family of Mrs Emma Winnall and I hope her a speedy recovery.

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