Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth's Terrible Judgement

Last week here in the UK, one of the most despicable crimes of the year so far took place, however probably more disgusting than the crime, has been the judgment passed by residing Judge Gareth Hawkesworth. Obviously for the protection of the poor family involved the names involved in this case have been kept out of the press.

A 14 year old boy who had been babysitting for his neighbours 4 year old daughter, raped her. The brave mother of this poor little girl spoke on ITV's This Morning about the terrible crime and the events surrounding it such as the passing judgement on the 14 year old boy.

The mother told the nation that when she and her husband returned home from an evening out, the father checked in on their daughter and it was during this time period where the father discovered what had happened. The father took his wife outside the house and tried to explain what he had discovered, it goes without saying, at this period both mother and father where destroyed and not really knowing what to do. The family also have an older son who was also out and on hearing the news was incredibly angry looking to seek revenge, as anyone would.

One of the terrible events that took place on that horrifying evening, was the 14 year old boy blind folding the little girl, telling her they where playing a game. On doing so he placed his penis into her mouth. This particular action is quite important in my mind to the outcome of the case.

The family immediately called the 14 year olds mother, asking her to bring him back to the house as something terrible had happened for which they needed to talk to him. Whilst doing this the family also called the police. The father of the little girl quizzed the 14 year old on the events to which he was unable to explain. Intervening, the older brother of the little girl simply asked, if he couldn't explain what had happened, could he at least confirm if his sister was telling the truth, to which the 14 year old replied "Yes".

The crime was deemed too terrible to be tried in the Children's Court system and so was taken to the Crown Court, where Judge Gareth Hawkesworth resided.  The judge ruled that the 14 year old boy was not to blame for his actions and that it was the world and society at fault. He spoke off societies over exposure to pornography also to blame and that the boys parents where not to blame. It also came out in the court that the 14 year old boy had actually been paid £10 to "Take care of the girl"

Of course the boys defence lawyer said he was very sorry for his actions but blamed it on porn he had accessed from the internet. The defending lawyer also went on to say that he understood this would be carried around with him for the rest of his life. (What about the Victim and what she has to carry around with her for the rest of her life?)

In terms of a sentence, he was simply told that he would not be allowed access to pornography for the next 5 years, he would also have to register his address to the police for the next 2 and a half years. What about the little girl who now has a life sentence hanging over her head and she had no choice in the matter? What about the little girls family, what justice are they given for their little girl?

It has also since been discovered that the very same Judge, jailed a 59 year old man for 5 and a half years despite the fact the 59 year old had preyed on six girls, ranging in age from five to 13 from 1974 until 2010. 34 years this evil monster preyed on these children and was jailed for 5 years.

I think it is safe to say serious serious serious questions must be asked of Judge Gareth Hawkesworth, it would be totally wrong and unethical to cast aspersions upon this so called keeper of justice, however he much be investigated by an independent body and struck off from ever working as a Judge again.

I myself have a 12 year old daughter, who is very much like her mother in so much as, she is highly intelligent. Never the less, she is two years younger than the 14 year old boy in question and I know that she would never commit such a crime. If for whatever unlikely event she did, I would not accept that she was unaware of her actions and that she was influenced by movies or Porn. I love all my children and would never turn my back on them no matter what. However I would never allow them to shrug off they actions onto society, we have brought them up to understand that when the break the rules, they much understand that there are consequences, be it time out, no mobile phone or a jail sentence.

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  1. the funny thing is that he told the boy "i dont deem u a threat because u have no sexual interest in children." ...what did he just get done raping?