Wednesday, 16 June 2010

This Time It's Personal

Okay guys, I know what you are thinking, or at least I think I do; "bloody hell what is he up to now?" or "how interesting can one idiot be?" If this is what you are thinking, or something along those lines I totally don't blame you, however let me explain.

Most of you will know me through my tech based Youtube channel and my tech based web site, and for persevering with me on these forums, I am eternally grateful. I love tech as I am sure you have guessed but I have other interests, interests that don't really have a place a midst a tech based media. When I say interests, I am talking about day to day general subjects such as politics, religion, education, world news, current affaires, historical issues, life after death and all that type of mundane but also at the same time; interesting stuff.

So rather than try to incorporate my views and opinions on the above mentioned stuff, I have decided to start up a very simple blog where I can write down what I am thinking and give you the chance to comment and debate on my blog. It is nothing extravagant, but I hope for those of you maybe not into tech as much as others, this will allow me, to show you a different side to me.

I have not decided yet if I should make another Youtube channel which will allow me to add some video-blogs obviously related to this content. I hope you guys don't mind and at the end of the day, it is only a trial project I suppose, one that can be just a quickly be taken down as it was put up.

Having said all of that and possible sounding quite pessimistic, I am really hoping you all enjoy what I have planned for my blog and that you can all participate as much as you can or would like to.

I am really excited to see what you all have to say about this blog and my rather controversial opinions.

All the best guys, take care and I look forward to seeing hopefully some of you here soon.


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