Saturday, 10 July 2010

Gazza Talks to Armed Gunman Raoul Moat

Gazza Talks to Armed Gunman Raoul Moat

Paul Gazza, ex England and Newcastle United super star, talks to local North East radio station Century FM regarding his connection with Raoul Moat, the armed gunman who has killed a man, shot a police officer in the face and shot two others including his ex girlfriend. Raoul has been on the run for the past week and tonight the Northumbria Police Service have him surrounded in a picture postcard village. Currently Raoul is sat on a grass bank with a doubled barrel shotgun to underneath his chin.

For those of you who are not familiar with Gazza, he used to be the most amazing footballer (Soccer) player in England if not Europe. Unfortunately he turned to drinking quite heavily, getting into trouble with the law, surrounded himself with leaches who only wanted his money and then completely fell apart; at which point he found himself alone. None of the people who where quite happy to take his money, hung around to help him through Alcoholism.

The audio you will hear when you click the link will completely astound you, however remember that this is a man going in the same direction as the late, fantastic George Best. It is also worth mentioning that the police division that are controlling the terrible situation here in the North East have obviously turned Gazza away from the location. Only in the UK would this type of media circus be allowed to get so far.

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