Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Losing the Faith

It has been a while since I last updated my blog, for which I am sorry to anyone that has so far taken an interest in it. I took a long break from the online world during the summer holidays and now I am back never to take a break again. I fell into a very lazy rut and it was not very nice to say the least.

Any way the reason for this post is two things. First of all, I have just posted my first video on my new YouTube channel named harrysblog . The channel will be directly linked to this blog, really just so that I can embed a few videos from time to time. Also both my new YouTube channel and this blog allow me to show a different side to me, aside from my tech life here on the internet at TechPlanet30 & iharrison30

The second reason I have posted is in line with the topic I discussed on the video, which is what I want to talk about now. When I was a young lad my parents sent me to church with them and then into Sunday School. As time went on I joined the Boys Brigade, which was really a bit like the Scouts. To be honest I hated going to Church but loved the BB. I was brought up in a very Christian environment and by the time I joined the Army at 16, I had came away from the Church side of things but I still had a strong faith in God.

During my Army career, which I loved every single day, I sustained a terrible injury which meant I had to leave the job and life I loved most in the world at that time. For this I blamed God, rightly or wrongly, this in turn lead to totally dropping my faith. Other factors came into play such as, I could never understand why, if God existed, could he allow babies to be abused in the horrible way they are on this earth. I could always understand why he allowed man to destroy man as we had free will, however the way I seen it was that these babies had no freewill, God was their only protection and yet he allowed this to happen.

Any way, during my break from the internet over the summer holidays, I started to read a few things. Books on 2012, Planet X, the end of the world and Revelations. I don't mind admitting that some of the things I read scared the life out of me, however not for me but for my wife and children. I couldn't stop thinking that if all this was in front of us, what was I going to do to protect my children and not have them become so scared. The one thing that I kept falling back to for comfort was the fact that both my wife and children have very strong faith in God and so I couldn't help but thinking they would be ok.

This started me thinking, that if I truly thought in this manner, then somewhere deep inside me I must still believe in God even if I am not fully aware of it. I can't stop thinking though that this is a cop out and that I am just looking for comfort in the face of fear, which would be wrong.

I know this may sound pretty deep for a Wednesday afternoon lol, however what do you guys think about all of this? Have any of you had a faith, and not just Christian, any faith and then had it knocked? Or have you always been strong in your faith and despite taking a few knocks to your faith, you have always stuck with it? Or perhaps you have always been of the opinion that we are all just a bunch of cells and when we die, we fall into the earth and decompose. I have no prejudices what so ever, I don't care what colour your skin is, your sexual preference or your religious connotations are; so long as you are a good person I take all at face value, which is why I say not just Christian faith.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading or watching my video, I hope you have enjoyed it so far and will continue to do so, I certainly will try my best to deliver the best content I can to entertain you all. Don't forget to drop me a line if there is anything in particular you would like me to talk about.

Take care guys


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  1. Harry, I think that, yeah, if you are a believer, you question from time to time, that is quite natural. This shed some light on the subject for me!
    Listen to the 9/12/10 sermon and let me know what you think!