Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dead Mouse Found in Loaf

OK so some things are more disgusting than others, however I think opening a loaf of bread to make a few rounds of toast for the wife and kids breakfast, only to discover a dead mouse perched on the corner, is taking the biscuit and I bet the father in question wished he had of opened a packet of biscuits instead.

The father, who trying to do the best by his children in purchasing the highly healthy best of both Hovis bread, noticed a dark patch on the corner of the loaf whilst making sandwiches for his children. As he took a closer look, to his utter horror, the 41 year old from Oxfordshire England discovered that the darker patch was in fact another set of eyes staring back at him. Granted they where very much dead eyes, but eyes none the less and that of a poor helpless mouse, trapped in the bread making process, taking the whole concept of mouse trapping to an entirely new level.

All has turned out well for the father as the company have agreed a £16,000 compensation fee.

Makes sure you double check what you are making sandwiches with the next time you are feeling peckish. 

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