Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My beloved Liverpool Football Club

I have been a fan of Liverpool Football Club for as long as I can remember. Being a child of the 70's, I grew up in good times, especially for Liverpool fans. As a club they where totally untouchable and not just in the domestic league but all over the world. During the late 70's and 80's, Liverpool accumulated so many trophies, league positions etc that even today some of those achievements have not been beaten. 

Even those of you, who absolutely despise Liverpool, can't deny the rich history surrounding the club and the accolades they have received over the years. 

However dark days are upon the club and Liverpool fans the world over are in a terrible way, worrying about our clubs future and wondering where it all went wrong. Well this is my blog and my own personal opinion as to where it went wrong and why I think things are not going to get better anytime soon. 

For me it all started to go down hill when Kenny Dalglish left the club as manager and Grahame Souness came down from Glasgow Rangers and took over from the then stand in Ronnie Moran, the legend. Now don't get me wrong Grahame Souness was an out standing player for Liverpool, but out standing players, as we have seen time and time again in football; don't always make good managers. I can remember when Souness took over the club he got rid of so many proven and experienced players in an attempt to bring in young blood. The idea was good, however it was done far to quickly and Liverpool was left with a very young and in-experienced team with no main figure on the field to take control during the tough times. All this was happening as the birth of the Premiership was taking place and the old First Division was dropping down. 

After Souness completely lost the respect of the dressing room and the fans, in stepped Roy Evens. Roy Evens was a popular choice with some and not so with others. He had the club in his blood, there was never any doubt that he loved the club and wanted the best. After his short playing career under the God Bill Shankly, he was asked to stay at the club and take on various rolls. There was no doubt that Roy had a lot of work to do in terms of rebuilding the club after Souness destroyed it, many said the club had gone too far to recover, but Roy done his very best. Then came the big money in the game and players such as the legendary Robbie Fowler where going off the rails and Roy Evens was not strong enough to bring them in hand. He done his very best but that was not enough and so came in Gerard Houllier. 

Houllier and Even ran the club together for half a season and there was a lot of talk about the Frenchman bringing back the glory days to Anfield. However this was not to be. Liverpool certainly faired well under Houllier, winning the treble, but each time a team done well, the following season Houllier would rip the team apart, selling key players and bringing in new ones, never allowing the team to gel. Phil Thompson was another Liverpool legend brought in to work with Houllier and once again, another example of player not always making a fantastic manager. Thompson also rubbed a lot of players up the wrong way with a ruthless managing method. 

Houlliers departure was a welcomed one for many, for me personally I was undecided. Then in came Rafa Benitez who spent a lot of money, and showed a glimmer of the glory days to us Liverpool fans when he took the team to Istanbul and won the European Cup, once again Kings Of Europe. Till the day I die I will never forget that night coming from 3-0 to win the gam after extra time and then penalties. However it was not to be, the following season it all went to pot and we almost lost out in a European spot finishing in 5th place. We were only allowed to play as we held the title and had to defend it. 

Bad managers was one thing but then came the Anti-Christ for Liverpool in the form of Tom Hicks and George Gillett, two American Million airs, full of promise, new stadium and the best players in the world, full of shit more like it. Rafa left before the beginning of this season 2010 and in came Roy Hodgson, most certainly not the man for the job in my opinion. Too much like Houllier and it looked like the board members of the club was not serious about taking the club forward. 

Currently as I sit a write this we are second from bottom, relegation and to top things off three hundred million in debt. If the debt is not paid off soon the club will be signed Bankrupt and an automatic loss of nine points. Given the teams lowest ever ebb and current terrible form, Liverpool will most certainly find themselves in a relegation battle, never seen before in my life time. Such an awesome club gone to waste at the hands of greed and too much focus on money and not enough passion for the club coming from the men at the top. Come Jan 2011, if things have not drastically changed we will lose all the top players we have left and it will spell doom for Liverpool Football Club. 

It is literally heart breaking to see my beloved Liverpool fall into this hell, I wonder will the glory days ever return to this awesome club, once the most feared club to play in the world. If I won the lottery I would buy the club, as I am sure many other fans would do. We need help and we need it fast. This is a distress call to all millionaires who want to invest in something worth while, by this amazing club and bring it back to its original restoration state, you will be hailed a God for eternity. 

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