Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Do You Have Faith In The Justice System

British Justice System

For many years, the British Justice System has been the corner stone of law and order throughout the entire world, many countries have embraced our system as their own in a bid for true justice. However in 2012 can we really still say the same thing about our justice system, can you really put all your faith in such a system when it comes to seeking Justice as a victim of crime in any of it's horrible forms. More and more often we read articles in broadsheets and tabloids about High Court Judges passing ridiculously light sentences for some of the most heinous crimes know to man. So my question to you is, do you have faith in the Justice System? however don't answer just yet, read this article and then I would love to read your answers.

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I think at one point or another, we have all felt a miscarriage of justice had been served upon us, even in the lightest term of the word, perhaps had a decision at school go against us or maybe even in a court of law. However the types of miscarriages I am referring to here, are ones consciously made by our so called elite, in what one would assume, a most simplest of cases. I would like to point out before I put forward to you my examples, although in the main I am referring to the British Justice system, I would like you all, no matter where you are from to enter into the debate and perhaps leave you own examples.

Judge Peter Bowers:

I will start with one of my most mildest of examples, however one of the most recent. On the 7th of September, Judge Peter Bowers was paraded all over the press after not only letting a burglar off a two and half year sentence, he then followed his disgusting decision by commenting at Teesside Crown Court: "It takes a huge amount of courage for somebody to burgle somebody's house. I wouldn't have the nerve." Not content letting this individual off a pretty deserving two and half year sentence for thinking he had the right to take another persons hard earned belongings, the Judge actually congratulated him for bravery. Men and Women who police this country are brave, Men and Women who risk their lives putting out fires and getting sick and injured people to hospital are brave, Men and Women who go to war for this country are brave, scum bags who take what does not belong to them just cause the can, are not brave. In fairness to the individual on trial, even he said the judge was out of order and that it was not a brave thing to do, as did the young man's family. 

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Judge Gareth Hawkesworth:

My next example of the amazing British Justice system concerns Judge Gareth Hawkesworth, unfortunately this is polar opposite of the above example and is perhaps one of the most terrible examples of British Justice. Brought before Judge Hawkesworth was a 59 year old monster, who from 1974 to 2010, terrorised six young girls aged from five to 13. Judge Hawkesworth in all his infinite wisdom decided to sentence the monster to five and a half years, probably only serve half of the time passed. However Judge Hawkesworth has form when it comes to child abusers, not long before this case, he completely let off a 14 year old boy who raped a 4 year old little girl. I fully understand that when a case of this magnitude involves two children in the eyes of the law, that decisions are much harder to make. However, as a father of a 12 year old daughter, she knows the difference between right and wrong and of course she gets things wrong and get's herself in trouble, but never in a million years would she harm another living soul. Not all children are brought up in such moral environments, but in my opinion Judge Hawkesworth is just as dangerous as the criminals who stand before him.

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Judge Michael Roach:

Judge Michael Roach is another disgrace to our judicial system. After a man groomed a 12 year old little girl on the internet met her and had sex with her, was completely let off due to Judge Michael Roach ruling it was consensual sex. Only a year or so before this terrible miscarriage of justice the same Judge jailed a Doctor for one year after it was found he indecently assaulted nine of his patients. 

The are so many other cases of similar value to that highlighted above. As members of the public we can sit at our breakfast table reading such filth and feeling outrage and sympathy for the real victims, but in reality there is nothing we can do, but why can we not do anything. 

I would love to know, when we as a nation decided that just because a person was educated in Eton, Cambridge or Oxford; that these people where immune from responsibility or that they were the right and only people to run our country. when the truth of the matter is, many of these so called academics, have been put through systems where intelligence is not always the requirement for success, status and excellence. I can't right what I think happens in places such as the above, however these people, our MP's, Lords and QC are supposed to be the very foundation of leadership, etiquette, honour etc, however the truth is so far from this it is unreal. 

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MP Andrew Mitchell:

MP Andrew Mitchell was recently employed by the Prime Minister to become the chief whipping boy, in other words, responsible for discipline within the Conservative Party. On Friday evening whilst leaving a long day at the office from No. 10 Downing Street, our beloved privately educated, and therefore obviously the only man for the job, began to fire abuse towards the Police Officers on guard at No 10's gates. This reason for this rage was simply due to the fact Mr Mitchell was unable to use a certain gate for leaving and was requested to use another. Mr Mitchell was made to apologise by Mr. David Cameron, however Mr. Mitchell is still denying he abused the Police Officers with certain language, despite the fact three separate Officers recorded what was said. Had this of been a civilian, they quite rightly would have been arrest under a Public Order offence, but because it has come from one of the countries elite, that is OK. 

Of course there are some outstanding men and women serving the British Justice System and for them, they must feel as though they are fighting an uphill battle to bring light upon the system that once shone so brightly. 

I know I sound like I am ranting and I apologise for this, however it saddens me that the very people we vote into power to help us do what is right as a nation are every bit as corrupt as the common criminal on the street, only difference is perhaps a Savile Row Suite as opposed to a Hoodie. We are constantly bombarded with lies from Judges and Politicians alike telling us they have the countries best interest's at heart, when in actual fact the only interest they have is their own. I'm not an educated man but I am a man of honour, Compassion dignity and integrity, qualities we see less and less of from our so called elite, our leaders and law makers.  

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