Tuesday, 27 November 2012

SAS Hero Abandoned By The British Government.

SAS Hero Abandoned By The British Government.

In the United Kingdom, we are fortunate to have the best Special Forces Regiment in the world; The Special Air Service, otherwise known as the SAS or simply The Regiment. Only a few select few from all over the British Army make it into their ranks and once their secrecy is the number one priority. The reason I call them the best in the world is really quite simple, all other special forces groups from around the world either call upon them to help train their instructors or model their training on the SAS. Groups such as Delta Force the American equivalent, GSG9 the German Anti Terrorist Unit, Mossad the Israeli special forces, the Australian SAS and many others. However I am not here to give you a history lesson on the finest fighting force the world has ever witnessed, I am writing about an SAS hero abandoned by the British Government.

SAS Hero Danny Nightingale

SAS Hero, Danny Nightingale, aged 37, married with two young children, also served a total of 17 years in the British Army, 11 of which where with The Regiment, has recently returned from Iraq and on doing so has been locked up in an English prison for 18 months. So lets think for what terrible crime would our British Government lock away such a hero, who fought to ensure those very same politicians can sit safely in their rich surroundings sipping expensive whiskey. Was it Rape? No. Was it Murder? No, Was it pedophilia? Absolutely not. Perhaps was it burglary? No. So what on earth could this hero have done to warrant such a hefty sentence after all he has done for his country, all he has sacrificed. Well let me explain.

During his tour in Iraq, one of his duties was to help train new recruits into the Iraqi Army, one of the cornerstone reasons we are feed as to the reason our soldiers are still in this war, to help ensure better trained Iraqi Police and Army. On completion of this duty, he was presented with a pistol from his very grateful students, it is customary that when other Armies cross paths or other regiments cross paths, even if it is a football game, they present each other with something from their own regiment. Obviously these young Iraqi men only had the pistol and presented it to him. So on returning to England he was arrested by police and this was his crime. Sgt Danny Nightingale did not brandish the weapon at anyone, in fact by the time Sgt Nightingale had returned home, he had completely forgotten about the weapon as it was still left in his bags packed away.

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Release The Innocent Victim.

Sgt Danny Nightingale's poor wife has been tirelessly writing letters to the Prime Minister to get involved and help have Sgt Nightingale released. Obviously he should never have been in this position in the first place, however the hope now is that Sgt Nightingale can be home safely with his wife and two children for Christmas.

Despite Mrs Nightingales constant writing to No. 10 Downing Street, the backing of every soldier in the British Army, the backing of the SEAL Team who killed Bin Laden and the British people, Mr Cameron is still not getting involved and so by association agrees with the system that has jailed our SAS hero.

The Broken British Judicial System

So lets take a quick look at our disgusting judicial system, this system that is supposed to protect us from murders, from the terrible crime of rape, pedophiles and many other criminal offences. So here are a few examples of our British Judges at their finest, I have also provided links to the full stories on these Judges should you wish to know more about them.

I will start with one of my most mildest of examples, however one of the most recent. On the 7th of September, Judge Peter Bowers was paraded all over the press after not only letting a burglar off a two and half year sentence, he then followed his disgusting decision by commenting at Teesside Crown Court: "It takes a huge amount of courage for somebody to burgle somebody's house. I wouldn't have the nerve."
My next example of the amazing British Justice system concerns Judge Gareth Hawkesworth, unfortunately this is polar opposite of the above example and is perhaps one of the most terrible examples of British Justice. Brought before Judge Hawkesworth was a 59 year old monster, who from 1974 to 2010, terrorised six young girls aged from five to 13. Judge Hawkesworth in all his infinite wisdom decided to sentence the monster to five and a half years.

Judge Michael Roach is another disgrace to our judicial system. After a man groomed a 12 year old little girl on the internet met her and had sex with her, was completely let off due to Judge Michael Roach ruling it was consensual sex. Only a year or so before this terrible miscarriage of justice the same Judge jailed a Doctor for one year after it was found he indecently assaulted nine of his patients.

So here we have three judge's of the highest order allowing convicted dangers to society off scott free or very light sentences and yet an SAS hero that gets longer than an internet sex offender and our Prime Minister sees no miscarriage of justice on any of these cases. We really do live in a messed up society.

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It is so important that we make as much noise as possible about this and let the world know about the disgusting treatment of SAS Hero Sgt Danny Nightingale by the very Government who sent him to a war based on lies in the first place. I would also like to mention, that all the way through this article I have been referring to Sgt Danny Nightingale as a Hero and although I know he would hate to be classed as such, I have done so because in the eyes of the British Public, this is exactly how he should be viewed. I served in the 1st Bn Irish Guards for 12 years and was medically retired due to a spinal injury and I have friends who have also served in the SAS, none of which class themselves as hero's, the same of which applies to soldiers throughout the British Army.


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